Pramod Kotipalli @p13i • 01 Dec 2023 #97

“I think there’s a misconception about dating apps. Misunderstanding is related to the human being. Most apps look at human beings as ‘partner consumers’. That is to say: Here you have a suitable partner, go get it! So you are a consumer and your partner is a product that you consume. When they bring you the product next, you try it and say: No, no, this is too boring. Neither does this other one. Give me another one. And this is a big misconception that people are not consumers of partners. They are relationship makers. And the hardest part starts after you meet someone. It’s not about finding ‘the right one’. The point is to create a relationship. The app doesn’t do that for you. We need an app that teaches us how to create better relationships” -Yuval Noah Harari

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