Safer transportation via checkpoint-based route notifications for friends and family

June 9th, 2022

#engineering #design

Our mobile app was a checkpoint-based transit safety application that allowed you to share your instantaneous location with friends, share a transit route with friends, and receive updates on your friends progress to their destination.

Leading a team of four Stanford computer science students, I conducted need-finding interviews that revealed a desire for a non-invasive way to monitor friends/family during their commutes or use of public transit systems. We utilized a human-centered design process to rapidly iterate on our user interfaces and design to best suit our project to our target audience.

I was the lead engineer for the project and contributed to our design. We implemented a cross platform mobile app using React Native and Expo which provided real-time communication and database services via Firebase. We made use of strong software engineering design patterns and advanced mobile application patterns.

We deployed our application to the Google Play and Apple App Stores and earned a Best Technical Achievement award from our course instructor, a world-renowned human-computer interaction Professor teaching at Stanford University in California.

Demo Video

Marketing Screenshots

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