Laser Cut Wooden Pencil Box

Made at Georgia Tech’s ‘The Hive’ Makerspace with an Islamic art style engraving

August 1st, 2019

#design #laser-cutting

I started out with a 12 inch by 24 inch board and placed it into the wood. The Epilog laser raster cut an image onto the


I then cut out the box-forming edge pattern for the box using and a friend’s name in cursive from Adobe Illustrator. Both of these components need to cut through the wood completely for clean edges. The intention of the engraved signature is be able to glow a name outwards when light is shown inside the box.

epilog laser cutting out name in cursive


I carefuly glued the box together with wood glue while leaving one edge open. Note the whole in the top of the lid, used for removing the cover.


And with the light shining through! ✨


This project was made in the Georgia Tech “The Hive” Makerspace in the Van Leer building.

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