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Easy, mobile, & comprehensive solution for judging poster sessions

May 1st, 2018

#portfolio #software-engineering #python #django #load-testing #rest-api #user-centered-design #eventbrite-api #email-automation #bootstrap

Problem identified

Managing the evaluation of poster sessions and design expos is a logistical nightmare. Collecting and processing paper-based evaluation sheets is long, laborious, and error-prone. There are dozens of such poster sessions and expos at Georgia Tech every year, including the tri-annual Capstone Design Expo for all graduating engineering students.

Solution created

I led the development of a highly-automated and highly-customizable system for collecting information about judges and presenting teams/students. We developed comprehensive integration with email systems, automating various email-related processes typically done by hand or through Eventbrite. We also provide on-the-fly visualizations and raw Excel values for team evaluations in a fraction of a second, allowing for rapid evaluation. We utilized all key components of the standard Django web framework including the Django REST framework. This project utilized many different skill sets including:

  • effective database-model design,
  • RESTful API design,
  • DRY use of Bootstrap by use of Django Crispy Forms,
  • template inheritance,
  • UI design and iteration, and
  • load testing to simulate performance under the use of over 5,000 concurrent users.

For this project, I wrote nearly 10k lines of high-performant and clean Python code as well as nearly 5k lines of HTML, 1k lines of JavaScript/TypeScript, and 2k lines of custom CSS. This project had to be responsive and was design to be mobile-first.

Advisor: Dr. Amit Jariwala, Director of Design and Innovation
Sponsor: School of Mechanical Engineering

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