Cisco Testing-as-a-Service

During my internship at Cisco, I led two full-time employees where we created a highly-scalable distributed HTTP load testing framework. We built a simple-to-use RESTful API that would manage and orchestrate thousands of Docker containers. An easy-to-use front-end, written with AngularJS, would allow QA Engineers to select a JMeter configuration file to run across hundreds of worker Docker containers running JMeter. Log files were collected and analyzed on an Elasticsearch-Logstash-Kibana (ELK) stack.

This project required 3.5k lines of clean well-documented Python, a complete AngularJS front-end involving 1.1k lines of TypeScript, and 0.5k lines of HTML.

Our solution was deployed to customers like AT&T and Comcast to the scale of 100k+ users.

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