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The products we live with: a brief history of modern industrial design

A talk given to high school students through CLOUD Rainstorm (a Splash program run by Learning Unlimited)

17 May 2021

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Talk description:

The products that surround us, particularly those that have real utility and beauty, draw upon a long history of industrial design. We will dive into the design style that characterized cities and homes through the generations.

We’ll start with products from the Industrial Revolution (1760-1840) and end with the trends like Blobism and Deconstructionism. Practically, we’ll see how Apple Inc. has made use of blobism and neofunctionalist industrial design for products like their iPhone and HomePod. We’ll zoom out and see how the history of industrial design informs so much of the world designed for and by us.

This class will take a presentation form with frequent breaks for interactive brainstorming, filling out a Zoom virtual whiteboard, and sketching.

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