all in my head

May 25th, 2020

#writing #poetry

i saw two love birds today
perched on a hill among the rolling greens of our shire

you and i came to mind
how we’d chat and mingle like the best of friends

but we’re not friends, i don’t want us to be friends
and that’s the problem

but you don’t even know me, you don’t even care to
and that’s the problem

we talked for a few months online,
and as i knew you i forget you too, quickly

screen from which we met,
screen from which we depart

love birds on a hill? no chance
friends who fell in love? no chance
will i ever even hear your voice? no chance

i don’t know how,
i don’t know if it’s even in my cards

it’s all in my head,
i expect too much

yeah, and that’s the problem

© Pramod Kotipalli 2020

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